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organizational health institute 

We break the issues down until we can see its fundamental truths, and then we reason up from there.
This is the only way to improve employee wellbeing and the organizational health. 






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* The workforce analytics and data points are being gathered through the latest analytics, survey results, white papers, studies, and insights from various industries and sources.

'"Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion." -W. Edwards Deming

The mission of the organizational health institute is to collectively provide the latest analytics, survey results, white papers, studies, and insights into the rapidly changing workforce industry. The institute divides workforce analytics into three sub-categories culture, health, and finance. These sub-categories are the drivers of employee well-being and the foundation of organizational health. A strong organizational health leads to higher productivity and profitability.

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Businesses are made up of people. The success of the business depends on employees effectively responding and adapting to present and future needs. To understand organizational health is to understand the factors that influence an employees’ ability to produce quality and innovative work in a reasonable timeframe. Influential factors can be professional, interpersonal, physical, emotional.

We’ve had the same problems for the last 20 years – unhealthy and disengaged workers – and it’s costing our businesses billions each year. An entire industry has been built and funded on the premise of change and yet the statistics are stagnant. It’s time we identify and address the root causes to create a more resilient and productive workforce, for the sake of both the employee and the employer.  The Organizational Health Institute is a group of like-minded individuals and companies that envision a path forward. Together we can create a stronger workforce by addressing the root causes that drives this costly dilemma.

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